5 replies to “Favorites

  1. Hi Steve,

    Just looked at a lot of your pictures. Stunning as always. Your website has come a long way. Andy who manages and runs Valley Spas and Billiards is also impressed. He will be opening up the website more than I. Love it, hope the family is well. Thank you for letting us share your incredible photography.

    Always wishing you the best,


    Valley Spas and Billiards 6835 South State Street Midvale, UT 84047 Office: (801)568-7050 Fax: (801)568-7060 http://www.pooltablesutah.com http://www.valleyspa.com valleyspa@hotmail.com


  2. Hi Steve,
    Beautiful photography and powerful images. What inspires me most is your proximity to the animals. You are so close I can see the emotions in their eyes. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing the North Pole shots and hearing more.

    1. Thanks Malia, I am presently preparing my North Pole images for a 6 week exhibit at MGM Casino in Springfield, Ma. I have to say of all the places in the world I have photographed wildlife, polar bears on the North Pole sea ice are my favorite capture. Agreed not to show them till the show in mid November.

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