The Northern Lights

12 replies to “The Northern Lights

  1. I don’t believe I have ever seen such fascinating, detailed photographs of the Northern Lights. The colors and differentiations between the stars, light show and landscapes are breathtaking. I am amazed at your technical prowess and openly jealous of your magnificent journeys to the ends of the earth.

  2. Thank you Tina. This moved me more than any other event I have witnessed in nature, as close to a spiritual event as I have come. With every twist and turn of these ever changing dancing lights, I more clearly comprehended past civilizations finding spiritual lives in the sky. Even though I understand the scientific reason for these occurrences, I am awestruck by their ability to move the soul of even this cynic.

  3. Oh Steve, I think I hate you a wee bit – out of envy. I have always imagined that seeing this would be a mystical experience. One in which the wonder and greatness of the universe would reach into one’s chest and make one’s heart tremble for a brief moment. I think you just confirmed that. It is wonderful that you have been able to enjoy witnessing such an beautiful and awesome event. Thanks for posting photos.

    1. It was truly one of the most awesome experiences in nature I have ever had. I can only image what earlier civilizations must have thought of these wonderments. I have been working on a series of prints from my encounter. When I have got it just the way I want it, I will try and let you know. Maybe you can drop by my gallery and check out what I have done with the images. Thanks for commenting Flo.

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